Forms and FAQs

This is the spot to find all the forms you will need, and answers to those pressing questions. Looking for something but can't find it? Contact us!

Q.  What do I do if my student will be absent?

All absences must called into the attendance clerk at (415) 454-8390.


Q.  When does school start and end each day? 

Zero period begins at 8:00 am and 1st period begins at 8:55 am.  School ends each day at 3:10 other than Wednesdays which have an early release at 2:10.

Q: Does the Ross Valley School District provide transportation to general education students?
No. Ross Valley School District has never provided transportation services for its general education students, as it does not receive State funds to do so.

There is, however, a growing demand for home to school transportation services to combat traffic congestion.  Marin Transit's Yellow School Bus program, in partnership with the City of San Anselmo, the Town of Fairfax, and the County of Marin, provides students at White Hill Middle School and Hidden Valley Elementary School the opportunity to ride to and from school on a bus that’s been specifically designed for student transportation operated by drivers trained to service this population. 

Q. Where do I get a bus pass for my student?
Click here or copy and paste the link:

Q. Where can I get more information on the school district?

Please go to  for more information on our school and district.

Q.  What supplies do I need for back to school?

If you didn't purchase a Back-To-School kit at the end of the previous year you can find the suggested supply lists below.  Teachers also will have class specific supplies they may ask for at the beginning of the year.

6th grade:

1 spiral notebook 70 pages

3 fine point black sharpies

4 100 sheet composition books

1 3 ring binder 1 1/2 white heavy duty

1 3 ring binder 5-tab, 10 pocket 11x8.5

1 binder pencil case

1 poly 2 pocket folder

2 packs college ruled paper 100 pgs

4 dz pencils, Ticonderoga #2

1 colored pencil set 

2 pack erasers, large 

2 pencil sharpeners, pencil and crayon

2 highlighters, 1 yellow and one pink, chisel tip

4 red pens

4 blue pens

8 glue sticks


7th grade:

2 spiral notebooks, 100 page

1 graph paper composition book

2 composition books, 100 page

1 3 ring binder, 1.5 inch heavy duty

1 3 ring binder, 8 tab, 16 pockets

1 2 pocket poly folder

2 packs college ruled filler paper

3 dozen #2 Ticonderoga pencils

1 colored pencil set

2 large erasers

1 pencil sharpener

1 yellow highlighter

1 correction tape

1 3x3 yellow 100 sheet stick on notes

6 red pens

6 blue pens

4 glue sticks

4 black felt tip pens


8th grade:

1 100 pack index cards 3x5 white

2 sets 100 sheet 1.5x2 yellow stick on notes

1 notebook, spiral 70 ct

2 100 pk 3 hole graph paper 4 sq/in

1 tape with dispenser

1 12inch ruler

5 100 sheet composition books

1 graph paper composition book

1 pencil sharpener

1 pink highlighter

1 yellow highlighter

1 3 ring binder 1.5 inch white

1 set dividers, poly 8 tab, 16 pockets

2 erasers

1 set 8 wide tip markers

1 set colored pencils

2 dz #2 Ticonderoga pencils

2 packages 100 pages college rule paper

2 glue sticks

6 blue pens

6 red pens

1 pencil case

1 poly 2 pocket folder