Hello White Hill families,

I hope this email finds each of you as well as can be during these uncertain times.  I'm writing to give a few updates as we finish day two of distance learning.


1. Thank you for your patience as we work through the new routines, expectations, and logistics of what distance learning looks like for White Hill. Our teachers are working together to find the best solutions for our students and families. Although distance learning feels foreign, many aspects of our distance learning process are in fact, not new for our students. Most students (some may not like to admit it to you) have a very clear understanding of how to navigate Google Classroom and the various online tools that our teachers are incorporating in their lessons. Please continue to be patient as we work through this process. I am confident that new, consistent routines will be established very soon for you and your students. 


2. Communication-I truly believe that communication and relationships will be the key to our success as this moves forward. Efficient, effective, and personal communication will be necessary. I know that email communication is not always efficient and it is definitely not personal so our teachers are trying to create other avenues to create personal communication with students and families. As you know, our teachers have created office hours. Please be patient as we explore what works best moving forward.


3. Lessons- Teachers are creating lessons that are being delivered in a variety of ways. Some lessons may be live or recorded while others may not be. This is up to the discretion of the teacher. You can expect that your student should have 30-45 minutes of work for each class per day. While this time limit has been communicated to our teachers, many are learning what is manageable for students varying ability levels and online navigational skills. Please be patient as we perfect our lessons and expectations. 


4. Grades-  I believe that it is important for you to know that I recognize the anxiety this situation brings to our students and parents. It's also important to acknowledge that because of this, our teachers will be flexible with due dates and assessment expectations. Quarter 3 officially ends on March 27 and I will share more information about Quarter 3 grades as it is decided. 


5. Empower Your Students- We need you more than ever. This is challenging and this is different but I have the utmost confidence in our teachers and just as important, I have complete confidence in your children. Please reassure your students that they have the skills to be successful in an online school environment. Empower your child to create a schedule that works for your family. Empower your students to reach out with questions and concerns to their teachers. Please urge your child to trust their teachers, our teachers are available to help and have created a variety of ways to assist our students in their success. Please take a moment to take some deep breaths with our White Hill students. We will navigate and get through this unique experience together. 


Please let me know if you have questions. Thank you again for your patience and understanding, I am confident that we will make this a positive experience for everyone.



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White Hill Middle School (grades 6-8) is located on the western edge of Fairfax in Marin County, California. White Hill’s campus rests on 22 acres and is surrounded by beautiful hills and open space. The school was built in 1969 and serves the communities of San Anselmo and Fairfax.  

White Hill students (approximately 745) have a variety of educational opportunities. In addition to the core academic offerings of English, History, Science, Math and Physical Education, White Hill hosts a robust elective program. Students have options in art, music, engineering and foreign language to round out their educational experience. White Hill Middle School is committed to nurturing all of the complex needs of middle school students and we do this with an emphasis on social/emotional learning through coursework, clubs, and activities.


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