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8th Grade Dance Huge Success!!

From Wildcat Wrap:

They came on a crisp winter night. With huge smiles on their faces, a twinkle in their eyes, and wearing their festive best, 150 (73%) of our of 8th grade students showed up to attend the Winter Wonderland dance on December 9th! It was truly a magical night for all.

Many thanks to our Co-Principals, John Baker and Mary Claire Mullin; Rachael Keast from the White Hill Parent Club; staff members Cary Adriatico, Mr. Obenshain and Mr. Wade, and the Spirit Club for their wonderful, on-going, support.

A big shout out as well to all our parents who helped set up, chaperone, clean on the night, and who contributed to the success of this event in some way. Together, we can do impactful things. Thanks so much everyone!


Carrie Walsh and Gianna Brasil-Ross

(Planning Committee)

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