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Be a White Hill Coach!!

Hi, you!

(There are so many more of you now! It's exciting. Very open to ideas about how to communicate from now on. Should I just post things on the blog on the website? Are emails good?)

Greg Pera asked me to re-send this message to all of you (see below). It's the same message that went out in Parent Square. In it, you'll find an impassioned request for people to volunteer to coach, most urgently the fall sports: volleyball and cross country. Do it! You'll love it! I'll make sure you get some trashy gift at the end signed by all of your wonderful, grateful, adorable students. You'll probably cry.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow and Monday!



White Hill Sports

Hello White Hill Parents, Welcome to White Hill Sports! We have a wide variety of school sports programs in which your kids can participate. While some offer the chance to compete against other schools, some are just for fun. Either way, it allows the kids to work with other students and develop social and communication skills. However, for this to happen, we need your help. For the most part, our sports teams are coached by you, White Hill parents. So, if you’re interested in a great way to support our students, please consider volunteering to coach. I’d do it, but I don’t know the first thing about coaching volleyball, cross country, or track. Heck, I didn’t even make my 7th-grade basketball team even though I totally nailed the tryouts. If interested, please email Greg Pera at for more info. Parent volunteers are required to fill out an RSVD application form, have a TB test (or have a current test on file), and have a fingerprinting background check (it’s the law). Fingerprinting fees are paid for or reimbursed. Parent volunteer forms, participant permission slips, and additional information will also be available at the White Hill sports table at orientation. Thank you, Greg Pera, WH Parent Our most immediate need is for Volleyball and Cross-Country coaches as the season starts soon. Additionally, we are looking for parent volunteer coaches/assistants for the following teams: Fall: Volleyball- August through October/Early November, two practices per week plus games. 6th Grade Girls Volleyball coaches (2-3) 7th Grade Girls Volleyball coaches (1) we currently have 2 parent coaches 8th Grade Girls Volleyball coaches (2-3) Boys Club Volleyball coaches (2) Cross Country- August through September Assistant to Ms. Hamilton (1-2) Winter/Spring: Basketball- Tryouts in November, practice in December, games in January through early March, two practices per week plus games. 6th Grade Girls Basketball coaches (2-3) 6th Grade Boys Basketball coaches (2-3) 7th Grade Girls Basketball coaches (1) we currently have 2 parent coaches 7th Grade Boys Basketball coaches (1-2) we currently have 1 parent coach 8th Grade Girls Basketball coaches (2-3) 8th Grade Boys Basketball coaches (2-3) Track & Field- March through June, two practices per week plus meets We currently have two parent coaches; we need two additional Golf- February through April This coaching position is covered Wrestling- March through June, three practices per week plus matches We are extremely fortunate that our wrestling coaching staff is fully staffed by members of the AWHS wrestling team, with head coach Mack McKenzie supervising Thank you, Greg Pera Co Athletic Directors

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