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It's all coming together, folks. It's been a slog and a half getting out of this hole, but I think we're ready to build! (Can I use "Build Back Better" now that Congress isn't using it anymore? OK, fine.) We are over 100 strong here on this list, my friends. Plenty of parent power to make this all happen. I'll be sending out a ParentSquare message to ALL the parents this week, but we've got some all-stars right here already and a lot of planning to do, so let's get the show on the road. BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT (BTSN), SEPTEMBER 8 SO many parents will be there!! We need people to arrive an hour early and stay about a half hour late to staff our parent club table. We'll have swag to sell (thanks to Liz Mullins!!) and big calendars and information and packets and stickers to hand out and...of course...we'll be collecting donations!! We need two people for a table at the 6th grade area and two people for a table at the 7/8th grade area, so four people total. It would be best if the same two people can do the pre-party and the after-party, so we don't have to worry about orienting two new volunteers right afterwards. I'll be there! Who's with me? (Don't make me start calling on people, now.) Then we need people to help Jenine G. coordinate and execute the teacher dinner portion. Thanks, Jenine! Here's the SignUp Genius for that: BTSN SignUp Genius. FIRST OFFICIAL PARENT CLUB MEETING: This will be on Tues., Sept. 20, at 5:30 p.m. in the school library. I hope to see a lot of you there! Also, please spread the word among everyone you know so they can get involved! It's especially important for us to reach out to more parents from marginalized groups who may not typically feel welcome in the overwhelmingly white/cis/able-bodied world of parent clubs. Simultaneous translation in Spanish will be available. Also, be thinking about whether you'd like a board position. Anyone want to take over as chair? Seriously, it's yours if you'd like it! (Next meeting will be during the morning hours, just so you know. We'll try to switch it up.) TENTATIVE CALENDAR OF PARENT CLUB EVENTS: The events team met this week. Join it!!! Total powerhouse of event-planning talent: RVSD legends Susan F. and Terri M.-R. and, introducing, new to the district, direct from outside Chicago, it's...Megan W.! She has experience as a professional wedding planner and is wonderful and fun and ready to work! We came up with a tentative calendar for the year and we've run it by the office and we're good to go. It's VERY ambitious and possibly unrealistic, but we'd love to try, We'll need a lot of help. It's not set in stone, so we can make changes if necessary. Trying to build this community here! Here's the list: September: Sep. 15th, 5:30 - 7:30: 7th/8th grade parent mixer at the dugout Sep. 20th: first official parent club meeting, school library Sep. 23, 3:00 - 4:30: 6th grade Wildcat Welcome, gym, blacktop behind the gym, music, popsicles, water balloon game, other stuff (for students) Here's the SUG to join that team! Just sign up to be involved in whatever way you want. You'll work out details later! October:Oct. 7, not sure what time: fall festival on campus, live music, pumpkin patch, food, cake contest, other great stuff. LOTS OF HELP NEEDED! Put yourself on the events team by contacting the events team or me. Oct. 28: 7th/8th grade Halloween dance. Contact Event committee coordinators or me to participate in the planning!!! February 4: Rummage sale on campus, 9-1 (if we can find space off-campus to store stuff -- anyone got any ideas??) April 29: Beach Blanket Bingo (Terri M.-R.) has a super fancy bingo rotisserie or whatever you call it and has a LOT of ideas for making this happen) June 2: 8th grade graduation dance LUNCHTIME VOLUNTEERS Still very much in need. Here's the SUG for the rest of the trimester. Fill out the volunteer form and do it! I think Alyssa B. is planning on doing it next week. Thanks, Alyssa! WEBSITE HELP Please, please, pretty please. I've worked SO hard on the website, but it's not cute or great. Please make it cute and great. And maybe work with Liz (who's heading up spirit wear) to set up the online swag store, which I know people really want. I'm posting these all on the blog where I've been posting all these correspondence. Right now, I'm with JC at her office hammering out the budget. We can do this!! Bye! Rachael

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