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Parent Club Meeting Minutes 9/20/22

Here they are. Thanks to Sue Pierce for taking notes. Great first meeting. So many topics to discuss!

9.20.22 WH PC Meeting Minutes

Rachael, Sue, Renee, Bryan, John (principal), Jenine, Andrea, Mo, Terri, Virgine, Josh, Jen Karr, Jen Ciraldo, Mireya, Veronica, Grace, Kelley, Gloria


  • White Hill grandparent club - Need a lead person for this

    • Ideas include:

      • Grandparent Day

      • Garden club/day

      • Cookies for the staff

      • Lunchtime supervision

  • Business Sponsors - send ideas to Rachael

    • Stocking breakroom - sponsor opportunity? Branded donations?

    • Make sure there aren’t conflicts with YES business sponsors

  • Targeted Emails

    • to all sixth grade families after Wildcat Welcome,

    • to sports teams

    • To 7&8tth grade families after Halloween dance

  • Thermometer to show fundraising goals? Put out front

  • Instagram - Need to get an Instagram account going - volunteer needed!


  • Halloween Dance

    • Photo booth discussion - can we get a sponsor for that?

    • Need volunteers for the day of the dance

    • No phones allowed

    • How to keep the kids in one place

    • Need more meetings before event

  • Fall Festival - friday Oct 7th, Spirit Club wants huge jenga, dunk tank, pillow jousting, Amy’s doing food, corn hole

  • Care Closet - collaboration with counseling center

    • Volunteers have stepped up

  • Other Ideas?

    • Sports rally - community to watch a White Hill sports game

Teacher Appreciation

  • Sponsor for breakroom?

  • A parent for every teacher

Additional Board Members?

  • Not needed

  • Site council needed! - impact school policy, set goals, need five parents

Concerns from Parents

  • Lockers

    • weren’t used last year

    • students don’t really carry around textbooks

    • many lockers are exposed to elements

    • Principals will continue to look into this

  • Cell phones

    • Not allowed in class

    • supervisors at lunch tell kids to put them away

  • Bugs in classrooms

    • Bad in 6th grade building

    • on principals’ list to address

  • Ebike safety

    • huge issue in CA,

    • community issue - work with fairfax and san anselmo

    • There is a parent education piece, student education piece, law enforcement piece

  • Library hours expanded

    • Could parent volunteers help? Need to have a credential.

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